Honestly I had two huge frustrations before starting with Swink. One main one was lack of energy accompanied with lack of sleep. Second frustration was finding a workout routine that really worked for me. Both of these issues I had really been dealing with since I was in my early 20’s.

I wanted to workout and get stronger and leaner but did not know what to do when I went to a big gym with all the machines. I needed someone to help me, show me what to do and how to do it.

Swink has been great because I know my time in the gym is going to be efficient. I know what the workout is going to be before I go and I know I'll have all the equipment I'll need. Even though it's a class setting, it feels more like a personal training session because of the ability to customize the workouts to fit your needs.

I love the feel of "family". Everyone matters. Members are at all different levels of fitness and coaches take the time to give individual instruction and support.

It feels so great to know I have a community that I can go to for whatever and they will support me or guide me along the way. It's a really great feeling.

I feel free. I can function better in life and am not fighting chronic pain anymore. My energy levels are improving everyday. Once my medication starts kicking in as well I will be a new woman. I can’t wait. I am a year out of having cancer and I can honestly say I haven’t felt better than I do now.

I love being a part of this community. I love learning and accomplishing new things almost every day. I love challenging my body to work hard and finish a workout. I have a feeling of accomplishment and pride every time I walk out the doors of Swink.

Thank you, Swink, for being a place where anyone can come and be successful in their fitness journey. I have found a place where I can become strong and healthy and work through injuries and know someone has my best interests at heart. Every day, I look forward to my Swink hour!