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Week of October 29th

Guys October is coming to a close and we hope you all are ready to start November on the right foot. This November, we will have the mindset of No Excuse November. We will be encouraging this mindset all month long and hope you are all ready to focus on it too.

This Halloween we will have a normal schedule. We also have Jackson and Trevor doing a partner competition this weekend in Southlake at CrossFit DFW if anyone wants to go watch and cheer them on.



-1 Rep Max Front Squat in 20:00 COME READY TO WORK!!

For Time (15:00 cutoff):

Deck of Cards workout

The number is the rep count and the suit is the type of movement

***If you have a deck of cards, please bring them with you***

-Hearts = Pushups

-Diamonds = Situps

-Spades = Air Squats

-Clubs = Walking Lunges

This is meant to be a low key, high rep gymnastics workout, don’t take it too seriously


For Time:

-800m Run

Then, 8 Rounds of:

-8 Power Snatches, RX (95/65)

-8 Toes 2 Bar


-800m Run


For Time (12:00 cap):


-Squat Cleans, RX (185/125)

-Ring Muscle Ups

At the 12:00 mark,

For Time (10:00 cap)


-Squat Cleans, RX (115/75)

-C2B Pullups

Thursday Open Gym workout option

For Time:

-2000m Row Sprint


EMOTM for 14:00

-Odd: 10 KB Push Jerks, RX (53/35)

-Even: 15 Burpees


For Time with a partner:

-400m Run

-100 Synchro Walking Lunges

-400m Run

-80 Synchro Situps

-400m Run

-60 Box Jumps total, RX (30/24)

-400m Run

-40 Synchro Back Squats, RX (135/95)

-400m Run

-20 DB Snatches, RX (100/70)

-400m Run

Raise your hand if you’re ready to throwdown this week!

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