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Week of November 25th

Hey guys, its Thanksgiving week and we have a slightly updated schedule for the holiday. But first, our annual end of the year challenge is here:

100,000 meter challenge.

This means you guys would try from the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday) until Christmas Eve to accumulate 100k meters. You have a few ways to accomplish this but all meters count, even warmups and workouts done on your own.

However, this year, like last year, you will have 2 options. If you plan on doing 100k meters, you can use meters completed by running or rowing, but not the bike. If you plan on using the bike, it is now 200k meters. This is simply because the bike accumulates meters faster.

We would love your participation with this and for those of you who have fallen a bit short in years past, make it your year this year to complete this challenge! We would love to see your photos/progress through this, so if you’re posting, be sure to tag us and use #SwinkMadeMeDoIt and #100kMeters.



2 Rounds For Time:





In 20:00, build to:

-3RM Deadlift


8 Rounds For Reps:

-0:20 Bike or Row Calories

-0:10 Rest

-0:20 Box jump overs

-0:10 Rest

-0:20 AbMat Situps

-0:10 Rest

-0:20 Hang Power Cleans

-0:10 Rest

Thursday – Thanksgiving

We will have a fun little sweat sesh for you guys at 8am. There will only be one class this day, so come join us before all the food!


Today we are doing only an open gym type setup. Open Gym will be from 3-6ish pm today.


Every 2:00 for 8 sets:

-1 Snatch Balance + 1 OHS

10:00 AMRAP with a partner:

-5 Hang Power Snatches

-25 Double Unders

You guys ready for that new winter gear?!!

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