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Week of November 19th

This week we do have an updated/modified schedule due to Thanksgiving. We are however kicking off the 100,000 meter challenge the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday.

The 100,000 meter challenge we participate in every year takes place from Black Friday to Christmas Eve. You have about 1 month to accumulate 100K meters. They can be any meters from running, rowing, skiing or even swimming. They can be meters that we do in class but the thing is you will have to spend some extra time outside of class and on your own to meet this goal.

Last year we allowed the bikes but they gathered meters so much faster so this year we are challenging anyone who wants to use the bikes to now do a total of 200,000 meters.

This is a great challenge to hold you accountable to just move! During the holidays we see so many fall off the motivation train and this is a great way to keep you accountable and with a time frame as well. Let’s all join in to accomplish this goal!

Now this week’s schedule:

Monday & Tuesday -normal schedule

Wednesday – no 6:30p class

Thursday – we will do 1 class at 9am before Thanksgiving festvities. Bring your family to join us as well!

Friday – we will not be having classes, but instead, we will open the gym from 12:30-5:30p

Saturday – normal schedule



-3RM Push Press, compare to 8-1-18

7:00 AMRAP

-10 Push Press, RX (95/65)

-30 Double Unders


For Time (15:00 cap):

-50 Toes 2 Bar, then


-Power Clean, RX (115/75)

-Front Squat, RX (115/75)


For Time (15:00 cap):

-50/40 Calorie Row/Bike, then

5 Rounds of:

-8 Split Jerks, alternating legs, RX (185/125)

-8 Deadlifts, RX (275/185)




Here’s an option for you guys to get some meters on Friday:

For Time:


-50 Burpees

-400m Run

-100 Pushups

-400m Run

-150 Walking Lunges

-400m Run

-200 Air Squats

-400m Run

-150 Walking Lunges

-400m Run

-100 Pushups

-400m Run

-50 Burpees


For Time with a partner:

-100 Clean and Jerks

1-50: RX (135/95)

50-80: RX (185/125)

80-100: RX (205/135)

We have some cool news coming this week in reference to our Swink breast cancer shirts!

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