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Week of November 16th

We sent out an email last week regarding switching to a new member management system called Triib. If you did not get that email, please let Betsy know by sending her a message or an email at betsy@swinkathletics.comS. This will be our new software for logging all the workouts and checking in to classes so please check if you got that email. Also, if you are confused at all, let us know so we can try and make this transition as smooth as possible.


Verison 1 (V1) & Version 2 (V2)

Every 2:30 for 7 Sets (17:30):

-200m Run

-2 Weighted Strict Pullups/Strict Pullups

8 Rounds For Reps:

-0:20 Ring Rows -OR- Bent Over Rows (75/55)

-0:10 Rest



3 Rounds For Time:

-1000m Row -OR- 3000m/2500m Bike

-50 Push Press (barbell)

-25 Toes to Bar


3 Rounds For Time:

-1000m Row -OR- 3000m/2500m Bike

-30-50 Pushups -OR- DB Push Press

-25 Toe Tap Crunches -OR- 25 V-Ups



In 15:00 find:

-1RM Power Clean -OR- Power Snatch

Every 3:00 for 5 Sets (15:00):

-5 Snatch Grip Deadlifts

-12/12 Paloff Press


Every Minute on the Minute for 15:00:

-2/2 DB Snatch, alternating

Every 3:00 for 5 Sets (15:00):

-5 Double KB Deadlifts

-12/12 Paloff Press


V1 & V2

5 Rounds For Time:

-30ft/30ft Single Arm Front Rack KB Walking Lunges

-50m/50m Single Arm Farmers Walk



20:00 AMRAP:

-400m Run

-15 Chest to Bar Pullups

-10 Push Jerks


20:00 AMRAP:

-400m Run

-15 Inverted Rows

-10 DB Z-Press


Every 1:30 for 7 Sets (10:30):

-1 Hang Clean/Snatch High Pull + 1 Hang Squat Clean/Snatch

For Time:


-Hang Squat Clean/Snatch

-Bar Facing Burpee

Core is not only important for strength, stability and injury resistance, but it looks good too!

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