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Week of May 9th

Again, just want to wish all of the moms out there a Happy Mother's Day. You guys rock!

Well, we are full steam ahead for Murph on May 28th. We will be doing 2 heats, one at 8:30am and one at 10am so mark your calendars!


Every 4:00 for 4 Sets (16:00):

-5 Pause Front Squats

-10 Double KB Swings

-8/8 Single Arm Ring Rows



-15/12 Calorie Bike

-10 Unbroken Power Cleans


-200m Run

-15 Pushups, deficit if possible


6 Stations w/ a partner. all 5:00 AMRAP

Station #1

-0:30 Max Cal Ski, alternating 0:30

Station #2

-Max L-Sit, max 0:30 each, alternating

Station #3

-0:30 Max Cal C2 Bike, alternating 0:30

Station #4

-0:30 Sled Push, alternating 0:30

Station #5

-0:30 Max Cal Ski, alternating 0:30

Station #6

-Max Hanging Knee Raises, max 0:30 each, alternating


Every 3:30 for 4 Sets (14:00):

-8/8 Landmine Goblet Squat to Single Arm Press w/ step forward

-16 Lateral Box/Plate Jumps, 8 in each direction

Every 4:00 for 4 Sets (16:00):

-8 Single Leg RDLs, right leg down

-10-15 Single Arm, Single Leg Landmine Rows, right leg down, left arm rows

*switch and repeat on opposite side.


30:00 AMRAP:

-400m Run

-200ft Farmers Carry

-1:00 Low Plank

-50 Mountain Climbers

Rest 1:00 between rounds



The "options" for Murph

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