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Week of May 14th

Guys, the hike was awesome and it’s amazing that a few minutes down the road from the gym can be so nice and perfect for a hike. We do plan on doing that again and more often so be on the lookout.

Don’t forget the Ranger game tickets are still available and we DO actually want you to go. Get a babysitter, put on your fun cap and stop finding reasons not to go and join us!

Also, Murph is coming up. If you’re planning on using a vest this year, now is the time to get it and use it throughout the week. There are many different types out there so be sure to ask a coach about it if you need help.

Finally, after Murph, would anyone be interested in doing a cookout/hangout afterwards?! If so, be sure to let a coach know so we can try and get it planned out. Thanks.

Swink Sweat


5 Rounds of 1:00 stations (:30 transitions) -Max Swings -Max Ring Rows -Max Speed Skaters -Max single arm OH Press


18:00 AMRAP -400m Run -30 toe touch crunches -20 sumo squats


E2:00 OTM for 10 Rounds -50ft farmer’s carry -25ft burpee broad jumps -AMRAP DU with remaining time

Swink Fundamentals


45:00 AMRAP

-400m Run

-8/arm, single arm Ring Rows, alt each rep

-400m Run

-15 Clapping Pushups


For Time (12:00 cutoff):

-21 Squat Snatches, RX (95/65)

-7 Ring Muscle Ups

-15 Squat Snatches

-5 Ring Muscle Ups

-9 Squat Snatches

-3 Ring Muscle Ups


E2OTM for 6:00

-10/10 single arm DB Rows



-8×1 Deadlift on 2″ riser (20:00)


2×1:00 GHD PVC paddling

2×6-8 Glute ham raises


ROMWOD… come do it!


25:00 for part 1 and part 2

Part 1:

For Time:


-Knees to Elbows

-Double KB Front Squats, RX (53/35)

*30 Double Unders after each round

Part 2:

With remaining time, find a 4 Rep Max on Front Squat. The bar must start unloaded! It can be from the rack of from the floor.

Hiking fun!

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