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Week of March 8th

Guys, for years we would sign up for The CrossFit Open. It was something we would look forward to all year (some of us). It was 5 weeks long, 5 workouts total, given to us by the CrossFit Games director on an announcement type show.

Well, we are no longer a CrossFit affiliate. That doesn't mean we cannot participate, necessarily, but here's how the years past would go:

-Convincing people it will be "fun" and then get them to sign up. For $20. We benefit zero.

-People nervous each week.

-People ALSO giving everything in each workout which would otherwise be okay but, usually in this case, coming with a bit of bad movement patterns.

-Feeling beat up or even injured after 5 weeks.

-No benefit, physically....jury is still out on the mental.

Is it fun to try something unknown? Sure.

Is it a good idea to get out of your comfort zone once in a while? Sure.

Can we still have a portion of the fun but load it up with more benefit? YOU BET.

This Friday, this year's FIRST CrossFit Open workout is released. What we are going to do is analyze it, post the original version AND post a more functional, Version 2 of that same workout. Now we can all have a taste of these workouts and mix and match as needed.



Version 1 (V1)

For Time:


-Squat Clean

-Box Jumps

Version 2 (V2)

For Time:

-6 Goblet Squats, heavy, 0:03 down 0:03 up


-Box Jumps


V1 & V2

For Max Reps:

8 Rounds of

-0:20 of Pullups/Inverted Rows

-0:10 Rest

1:00 Rest

8 Rounds of

-0:20 DB Press/Push Press

-0:10 Rest

1:00 Rest

8 Rounds of

-0:20 Situps

-0:10 Rest

1:00 Rest

8 Rounds of

-0:20 Calories

-0:10 Rest



20:00 to find:

-Heavy 2 rep on Front Squat


Every 4:00 for 20:00 (5 Sets):

-8-12 Weighted Hip Thrusts, heavy

-6/6 Single Leg RDLs


V1 & V2

Every 5:00 for 6 Sets:

-500m Row -OR- 400m Run -OR- 1000m Bike

-Accumulate 0:30 L-Sit




Part 1:

-50 Double Unders

-21 Hang Power Cleans (lighter weight)

-50 Double Unders

-15 Hang Power Cleans

-50 Double Unders

-9 Hang Power Cleans

Part 2:

-21 Toes to Bar

-12 Hang Power Cleans (heavier than first weight)

-15 Toes to Bar

-9 Hang Power Cleans

-9 Toes to Bar

-6 Hang Power Cleans

Setting an example is easier than we may all think. Be kind, work hard.

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