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Week of March 22nd

Guys, we are almost at the end of another month which means we get another Committed Club winner in a week and some change. Make sure you get yourself checked into classes so you can have your shot at the drawing.

ALSO, the Pain Free Movement Seminar is this weekend!!! This is your last chance to get your family or friends signed up FOR FREE. All you have to do is tell one of your coaches and we can get you all set up. AGAIN, its free to them. Its this Saturday from 10am-12pm, which means we will have Saturday class a bit earlier this week only.


Version 1 (V1)

1:00 of work, 2:00 of rest for 5 Sets (15:00):

-12 Thrusters

-8 Bar Facing Burpees

Version 2 (V2)

1:00 of work, 2:00 of rest for 5 Sets (15:00):

-5/5 Alternating Single DB Devils Press, tough weight

-8 Box Jump Overs



5x5 Weighted Strict Pullups

For Time:

-500m Row

-75 Double Unders

-50 Pullups

-75 Double Unders


5x10-15 Inverted Rows, 0:02 lower

For Time:

-500m Row

-150 Single Unders

-50 Ring Rows, tough

-150 Single Unders



Every 10:00 for 3 Sets (30:00):

-1000m Run

Remaining time, AMRAP of:

-10 Hand Release Pushups

-5/5 Hang DB Clean & Jerk


3 Sets of:

-5:00 Max Effort Calorie Bike

-2:00 Max Double DB Box Step Overs

-3:00 Rest


V1 & V2

Every 2:30 for 5 Sets (12:30):

-3 Tempo Back Squat, 0:03 lower 0:03 raise




For Time, with a partner:

-100/80 Calorie Row, accumualted

-100 Deadlifts, accumulated

-100 Synchro Air Squats

-100 Deficit Pushups, accumulated

-100/80 Calorie Row, accumulated

Everyone looks so happy on the bikes, we should bike more often!

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