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Week of March 18th

Guys, it’s the FINAL week of the Open….we cannot believe it has come and gone like it has this year.

This Friday night, because it will be our final Friday for this year’s Open, we are doing a potluck style hangout all night. We want you to be there so bring some food and let’s kick it after everyone finishes their workout. It’ll be a good time, FOR SURE!

As for today, if you are retesting or needing to do 19.4 at all, make sure you plan ahead and let your coach know so you can have a judge there ready to go.

Also, dont forget you can get a free FitAid just by submitting a review on Facebook and Google…it’s that easy.


For Time (20:00 cap):

Part 1

-10 Toes 2 Bar

-10 Squat Cleans, RX (155/105)

-10 T2B

-8 Squat Cleans

-10 T2B

-6 Squat Cleans

-10 T2B

-4 Squat Cleans

-10 T2B

-2 Squat Cleans

Part 2

In the remaining time, find a tough/heavy Squat Clean, maintaining technique


For Time:

-1000m Row

-50 DB box step overs, RX (50s/35s) (20″/16″)

-5 Rope Climbs/5 lying pull to stand/15 Strict Pullups

-50 Goblet Squats, RX (53/35)

-1000m Run




-Split Jerk, 1 set every 3:00

Thursday (Open Gym)

3 Rounds of:

-10 Turkish Getups, alternating, RX (53/35)

-20 Burpees

-30 Back Squats, RX (95/65)


19.5!!!!! Bring some food and your own drinks



Box step ups aye?! We got this.

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