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Week of March 16th

Hey everyone, as of now, we are staying open. We will be following the guidelines of our city, state and CDC in the coming days and weeks. This is getting more and more serious and we need you ALL to take EVERY precaution necessary to stop the spread of this virus, even if that means you must stay at home for a period of time.

Please, be respectful, responsible and responsive during this time and keep in contact with us about any issues or concerns. We want to do right by you all and we are doing our best to do just that.

Dont forget, you all must register for classes now starting this week. There are videos for this in the Facebook group page. If you’re not on that page, please ask a coach and you’ll be added.

There is also at home workouts you guys are encouraged to do if you are staying inside and at home. During this time, we do not want you all to lose the progress you have all made and by doing the at home workouts, you guys can now keep going with that progress. Keep us in the loop on how they go if you do them!


In 15:00

-Find 2RM Hang Power Clean

7:00 AMRAP:

-3 Hang Power Cleans

-3 Front Squats

-3 Toes 2 Bar

*add 3 reps to each round


Every 3:00 for 4 sets:

-5 Shoulder Press

-15 Ring Pushups

EMOTM for 12:00

Min 1: 0:40 Max Calorie Row

Min 2: 0:40 Wall Facing Shoulder Taps

Min 3: 0:40 DB Bear Crawl


5 Rounds For Max Distance:

-5:00 Run (sub Row or Bike if the weather is bad)

-1:00 Rest

Thursday Open Gym

In 15:00:

-Find 20RM Back Squat

For Time:

-40 DB or KB Box Stepups

-40 American KB Swings

-30 DB or KB Box Stepups

-30 American KB Swings


Every 3:00 for 5 sets:

-Push Jerks, 5-4-3-2-1

5 Rounds For Time:

-10 Two-Pushup Burpees

-150 Single Unders


10 Rounds For Time with a partner:

-15 Pullups

-15 Box Jumps

-15 Deadlifts

*alternate rounds with a partner

In stock at the gym!!!

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