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Week of March 11th

Guys, three weeks down of the Open and we are SO PROUD OF YOU ALL! 19.3 was a challenge for most because the scaled version wasn’t much different and you all stepped up to the challenge and crushed it. We love watching you guys succeed like that, you should all be proud too.

We’ll see what we have to do this Friday for 19.4. Also, remember for anyone needing to do 19.3 today, message or coordinate with your coach or someone who can be there to judge for you as class will resume as normal. Don’t forget to put those scores in as well.


For Time:

-100 Double Unders

-50 DB Snatches, alternating, RX (50/35)

-75 Pushups

-100 Air Squats

-75 Situps

-50 DB Push Press, alternate every 5 reps

-100 Double Unders



Every 4:00 for 3 sets:

-5 Back Squats, increase the weight from March 4th

EMOTM for 9:00

Min 1 – 15/12 Calorie Bike/Row

Min 2 – 6/6 Front Rack DB walking lunge

Min 3 – rest


3 Rounds For Time:

-21 Box Jump Overs, RX (24/20)

-15 Push Jerks, RX (135/95)

-9 Ring Muscle Ups

Thursday Open Gym workout option

6 Rounds of:

3:00 AMRAP

-400m Run

-Max WallBalls

Rest 2:00


19.4…its almost over guys, hang in there!


Based on what 19.4 is, this is TBA

Deadlifts this week for 19.4…maybe?!

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