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Week of June 22nd

What a training week we had last week and we are set up for another great week this week!

If you guys did you see the email last week or the post in the members only group, it was basically letting you all know to send your membership questions to .

We want to be here for each and every one of you and this is one step to make sure nothing ever falls through the cracks. We love you guys and and continually working to be the best we can be.


At 0:00:

-1600m Run

At 12:00

-1200m Run

At 20:00

-800m Run

At 26:00

-400m Run


Part 1

Every 3:00 for 3 Sets:

-3 Shoulder Press

-Max Unbroken Strict Pullups, weighted if possible

Sweat version:

-3 Shoulder Press

-20 Tough Ring Rows

Part 2

Every 3:00 for 3 Sets:

-3 Push Press

-Max Unbroken Strict C2B

Sweat version:

-3 Shoulder Press, 0:02 down 0:02 up

-15 Tough Ring Rows, harder than the last set

Part 3

Every 3:00 for 3 Sets:

-3 Push Jerks

-Max Unbroken Strict Pullups

Sweat version:

-3 Shoulder Press, 0:04 down 0:04 up

-10 Tough Ring Rows, harder than last set


Every 1:30 for 6 Sets:

-1 Squat Cleans + 1 Front Squats

For Time:


-Squat Clean + Front Squat, light weight

-Bar Facing Burpees

-Double Unders (105-75-45)

Sweat version:

-5 KB High Pulls + 3 KB Goblet Squats


-KB High Pull + Goblet Squat


-Single Unders


8 Rounds of:

-0:20 Muscle Ups

-0:10 Rest

Immediately into

8 Rounds of:

-0:20 Situps

-0:10 Rest

Immediately into

8 Rounds of:

-0:20 Jumping Lunges

-0:10 Rest

Sweat version:

-Bent Over Rows, tough weight


-Jumping Lunges


Every 2:00 for 5 Sets:

- 3 Position Power Snatch

For Time:

-50/40 Calorie Row

-40 Knees to Elbows

-30 Power Snatches

Sweat version:

-6 KB swings, tough weight, American style

For Time:

-50/40 Calorie Row

-40 Hanging Knee Raises or Full Body Crunches

-30 KB Swings, American


2 Rounds For Time:

-1000m Run

-50 Back Squats

We love you guys, make no doubt about it!


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