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Week of June 15th

Well everyone, the Staff at Swink had a REALLY productive week. A recap:

Had a coaches workshop on Saturday.

Created a new, at home or on your own online program called Swink Sixty.

Starting a new at home, online program called Swink Thirty to start next Monday, the 22nd.

A lot of back end work that only can make our product better than ever.

Needless to say, we love you guys, love getting to coach you all and we are truly striving to be the BEST GYM in our area, in our county and one day, in our state and hopefully one day, around the world. Always have to have goals!

If you have any questions about the online programs, send an email to


2 Rounds For Time:

-25 Toes 2 Bar

-50 Burpees

-75 Air Squats

Sweat version:

-25 V-Ups

-25/25 No Pushup Burpees + Burpees

-75 Air Squats


Every 2:00 for 20:00

-5 Deadlifts

-200m Run

Sweat version:

-Either 5 Deadlifts or 10 KB Swings

-200m Run or 200m Row


5 Rounds For Time:

-5/5 Turkish Getups

-10 Box Jumps

-15/12 Calorie Bike or Row

Sweat version:

-Same as above, today you will learn the skill of Turkish Getups as they challenge every part of the body.


EMOTM for 21:00

Min 1: 5 Back Squats

Min 2: 5 Weighted Ring Dips

Min 3: Rest

Sweat Version

Min 1: 10 Goblet Squats, tough

Min 2: 10 Bench Dips

Min 3: Rest


Every 6:00 for 3 Rounds:

-10 Bar Muscle Ups

-40 WallBalls

-80 Double Unders

Sweat version:

-10 Ring Rows, 0:01 pause at the top of each rep

-40 Situp WallBalls

-80-100 Single Unders


For Time:

-20 Strict HSPU -400m Run

-80 Situps

-1000m Row

Sweat version:

20 Pushups with 0:02 lower each rep

400m Run or 450m Row

60 Hanging Knee Raises

800m Row

Keeping it clean is very appreciated by your Swink Staff

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