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Week of June 11th

Starting a new week with new challenges! Hope you all are ready and willing to step up to the plate this Wednesday.

Speaking of stepping to the plate, this Saturday is the Ranger game! Can’t wait to hang with you all this Saturday.

Swink Sweat


16 Rounds of:

-20 sec Goblet Squats

-10 sec rest

-20 sec AbMat Situps

-10 sec rest

-RomWod cool down


5 Rounds For Time:

-5 Pushups

-10 DB Swings

-15 Box Jumps


2 Rounds with a partner:

-2:00 each of Max Box Jumps

-2:00 each of Max Pikes or GHD Situps

-2:00 each of Max Calorie Row

-2:00 each of at most a 400m Run

-2:00 each of Max Burpees

Swink Fundamentals


7 Rounds For Time:

-7 Toes 2 Bar

-7 Push Jerks, RX (135/95)


3 Sets of:

-8 DB Z Press

Rest 15 sec

-8/8 3 Point DB Rows

Rest 1:00


For Max Weight:

Every 4:00 for 5 Rounds:

-35ft DB Walking Lunge

-3 Deadlifts


3 Sets of:

-10-15 GHD Hip Extensions

-20 AbMat Situps


For Time:


It’s a hero workout….so come ready


For Time (15:00 cutoff):

-50 Double Unders

-35 Hang Power Snatch, RX (50/35)

-20 Chest to Bar

-50 Double Unders

-25 H.P.S., RX (70/50)

-20 C2B

-50 Double Unders

-15 H.P.S., RX (100/70)

-20 C2B

-50 Double Unders


-4×10 Ring Pushups, rest 1:00-1:30

1:30/1:30 Lat Roll


For Time with a partner:

Both partners row 500m each, then

2 Rounds of:

-50 Synchro WallBalls

-200m Farmers Walk, RX (70/53)


Every 2:00 OTM for 4 sets:

-20 Hollow Rocks

-20 Band Good Mornings

Be sure to check out our girl Julie and her write up this month as our Member of the Month.

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