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Week of June 10th

Onto another week everyone and it’s going to be a great training week.

If you have not yet been told or heard about it, we are doing a “Swink River Trip” from July 25th – July 28th. It’s in San Marcos and we would love anyone who wants to come, to come. If you’re interested, we do have an event page but its always hard doing the invites, so this is a heads up that EVERYONE is invited.

Second, dont forget that June….and probably July, let’s be honest….is our “beach body” focusing mainly on the core and improving/strengthening that area. Feel free to take part in your own routine post workout but dont forget to try and do new things or routines to break through those plateaus. Now for this weeks menu:


EMOTM for 24:00

(1) 3 Power Cleans

(2) Rest

(3) 3 Shoulder Press

(4) Rest

*all sets should be done over 70-75% of your 1RM



5 Rounds For Time:

-400m Run

-30 Box Jumps, RX (24/20)

-30 WallBalls, RX (20/14)


For Time (6:00 cap):

-10 Strict Pullups

-20 Barbell Rows, RX (95/65)

At 8:00,

For Time (6:00 cap):


-Weighted Situps, RX (45lb/25lb)

-Toes 2 Bar

At 16:00,

3 Rounds For Time (6:00 cap):

-15/12 Calorie Row

-100ft Box Push

Thursday Open Gym


-Front Squats, (2-4-6-8-10), 1 set every 4:00

*compare to 4-2-19


For Time:


-Power Snatches, RX (115/75)

*30 Double Unders after each set

Right into,


-Deadlifts, RX (245/165)

*30 Double Unders after each set


For Time in teams of 3:

-150/120 Calorie Bike

-100 Thrusters, RX (115/75)

-500m Run, each, relay style

Just in case you guys didnt see, we got a new couch. Please help us keep this bad boy nice by not lounging while sweaty. Thanks everyone for understanding!

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