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Week of July 1st

Happy July everyone!! This week we will have a number of Hero workouts and if you’re curious what they are, just look them up or take on the challenge and just show up ready to work! Every workout can be and will be modified for everyone needing it.

Also, reminder that we will only be open on Thursday for a 9am class and will be closed the rest of the day. Join us before your festivities begin.


Today, we do our first Hero workout of the week. There will be 3 more, including Saturday.




-Front Squats, 1 set every 4:00, compare to 3-17-18


Hero workout #2


Thursday – 4th of July

Fun for all! Today, we do 1 class at 9am. Come one come all, even bring a friend or family member. Workout will be announced that day!


Each For Time:

-1000m Row

-500m Row

-250m Row

-500m Row

-1000m Row

*Rest as needed between sets


Partner “PK”

10 Rounds For Time:

-10 Back Squats, RX (225/155)

-10 Deadlifts, RX (275/185)

-400m Sprint

*partners will alternate rounds, 5 rounds each

Just sending out a Swink Family congratulations to the Landreneau family on their newest addition, Stag at 9lbs 3oz.

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