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Week of July 15th

Guys, mid way through the month of July and we are almost done with Hero Month. We knows it’s been tough but stepping outside of your comfort zone is exactly where growth happens, dont shy away from it.

Also, make sure you guys have signed your new contract on your Wodify accounts. You would need to log in to Wodify from a web browser, not the app. If you’re not able to figure it out there, we can pull it up at the gym and you can sign it there as well. Let’s try to get them all signed this week, thanks everyone!!


Every 3:00 for 5 sets:

-3 Back Squats, compare to and try to increase from 5-9-19


“Lumberjack 20”


5 Rounds For Max Reps:

Minute 1: AMRAP Bench Press, use bodyweight

Minute 2: rest

Minute 3: AMRAP Calorie Row

Minute 4: rest

Thursday Open Gym

10:00 to find 2 Rep Max of:

-Power Snatch, drop the bar between each rep, must be done in a 0:30 window, compare to 8-3-18


For Time:

-75 Power Snatches, RX (75/55)


For Max Reps:

In 3:00,

-100 Double Unders

-Max DB Box Step Ups, RX (50/35)

2:00 rest

In 3:00,

-400m Run

-Max Toes 2 Bar

2:00 rest

In 3:00,

-500/400m Row or 40/30 Calorie Bike

-Max Jumping Lunges


“The Lyon” with a partner

10 Rounds For Time:

-7 Squat Cleans, RX (165/115)

-7 Shoulder 2 Overhead

-7 Burpee C2B Pullups

*partners swap rounds

Congrats to our athletes for representing this weekend, proud of you all!!

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