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Week of July 13th

Swink Family, we are BACK!

It feels good to know we are back in the gym and ready, so ready, to see all of your smiling faces again! Yes, we are wearing masks for now and yes, we ask that you be compliant for everyone's sake. The following rules were posted in the members only group, but reposting here for anyone who did not see them:

1) When you come in, go wash your hands before getting settled. You can set your stuff down, inside a square, and then head to wash your hands, that is fine.

2) After you finish your workout, wash your hands AND THEN wipe down the equipment.

3) We have chalk in bags for each of you for you to keep. This is so we aren't having to share buckets.

4) Masks are required when you come in. Once in your square, you can take them off. You do not have to workout with your mask on either. If you need to wander around the gym, please use your mask then as well.

5) Please respect the 6ft rule. For now, we want to keep this a rule so we do not have to close again. We are not only trying to keep you safe but we are trying really hard to keep our coaches safe. If they get sick, we don't have classes.

6) If you feel under the weather, even just a little bit, symptomatic of anything, please skip your workout that day until you're 100% again.

7) IF you test positive in the coming weeks/months, we ask that you obey the CDC guidelines, to quarantine for 14 days BEFORE returning to the gym. Unless this is changed, please follow these guidelines. If you have to miss a few workouts due to being sick, let us know and you will get the largest personal thank you Christmas gift this year from us!

8) Please understand, even if you feel indifferent about the current situation the world is in, respect that your friends, fellow Swink Family and your coaches want to keep the doors open so we all have to do a small part. This is where we are currently and will be constantly reevaluated as things change with Covid.

9) Also know, this is coming from a place of safety and love. We hated shutting down a second time. We miss you all, we love you all and cannot wait to get back in the gym. We just want everyone to feel safe. We could be like Golds Gym and make you workout in a mask?!

Finally, please reserve your spot for class!!!!!


10:00 EMOM (Part 1):

-3 Push Jerks + 1 Split Jerk

10:00 AMRAP (Part 2):

-6 Split Jerks, alternating feet each rep

-12 Russian Twists

-18 Deadlifts, same weight as jerks


6x 3:00 AMRAP with 2:00 rest:

-400m Run, then

Odd Rounds:

-Overhead Squats, light

Even Rounds:

-Bar Facing Burpees


For Time:

-2000m Row

Plus, plenty of accessory!


3 Rounds For Time:

-10 Power Snatch

-20 Pullups

-30 Air Squats


Every 1:30 for 10 Sets (15:00):

-1 Hang Power Clean + 1 Hang Squat Clean


For Time:

-60/48 Calorie Bike

-60 Single Arm DB Push Press

-60 Double Unders

-60 Situps

-60 Double Unders

-60 Single Arm Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

-60 Double Unders

We are STILL working hard to keep everything as clean as it can be!

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