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Week of January 6th

Back to our regular schedule and now most of you are back to your normal work schedule. So, that means, this Saturday the 11th, we have our LARGE community event at 11am.

Bring all your friends and family and anyone you have been trying to get to try us out, we’re even going to have a Q&A afterwards for anyone with questions.

Also, a bit of a bummer, but, there will no longer be a Tuesday 9am class. There was an unfortunate inconsistency in attendance and it led us to take away that class for now. If there is any interest in the future, we can always add it back.


For Time in teams of 3:

-6000/5200m Row

-60 Rounds of “Cindy”

* “Cindy”

-5 Pullups

-10 Pushups

-15 Squats


In 15:00:

-find 2RM Snatch

Every 2:30 for 4 sets:

-5 Tempo OHS, 0:04 down, 0:04 at the bottom


5 Rounds For Time:

-0:30 L-Sit

-3 Rope Climbs

-300m Run

Thursday Open Gym

For Time:


-Power Cleans

-Turkish Getups


For Time:

-100 Double Unders

-50 DB Thrusters

-100 Double Unders


For Time in teams of 3:

-150 Box Jumps

-150 Bench Press

-150/120 Calorie Bike

Look at this old school location!

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