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Week of January 21st

We’re about 1 month away now from the announcement of the first workout of this year’s Open! For those of you new to the Open, we would LOVE for you to step out of your comfort zone and participate in this with us, just as your coach for more info on it.

Second, for those of you familiar with the Open, it’s time to get signed up by going to This year will be our LAST year with the same teams, Grey vs. Black. There will also be new scoring this year as well to help the teams out even more than last year! Get ready, it’s coming.



Every 1:30 for 20 sets:

-2 Back Squats, RX starts at (185/125) and adds 10lbs guys and 5lbs girls each set until failure and decrease the load in the same fashion. Adjust weight if you don’t think you can add weight for the first 10 sets. If you’re new to classes, keep the same weight the entire time.


3 Rounds For Time (around 15:00 cap):

-9 Power Snatch, RX (135/95)

-15 Push Jerks

-21 Bar Facing Burpees


-3×Max Strict Pullups



Every :30 for 20 sets:

-1 Power Clean, this is for quality reps, not to exceed 75-80% of 1RM. THIS IS NOT A MAX OUT DAY!

4 Rounds For Time:

-15 Toes 2 Bar

-50ft Front Rack DB Lunges, RX (50/35)

Thursday Open Gym workout option

4 Rounds of:

-2:00 to Row 500m/400m

-2:00 rest

-2:00 to Run 400m

-2:00 rest


For Time (around 15:00 cap):

-50 Thrusters, RX (75/45)

-40 Pullups

-30 Thrusters, RX (95/65)

-20 Pullups

-10 Thrusters, RX (135/95)



Every 2:00 for 5 sets:

-5 Pendlay/Bent over rows

10:00 AMRAP with a partner:

-30 Double Unders, at the same time

-15 Synchronized Deadlifts, RX (155/105), deadlifts are at the top at the same time

Going to be another great week of training folks!

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