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Week of January 10th

Today, we kick off the new program with some testing. There are 2 major days of testing and that is this Monday and this Wednesday. Of course, if you are unable to make those days, talk to your coach to see what other days you are able to come in to make up the testing.

There will be more info releasing this week about the upcoming weeks/months. So excited about where we are headed and cant wait for us all to go through what we have planned.


6:00 to find:

-Max Unbroken Pullups

6:00 to find:

-Max Unbroken Dips

12:00 AMRAP:

-15/15 Crossbody Mountain Climbers

-15/15 Jumping Lunges

-2x50ft/50ft Side Shuffles

-100ft/100ft Single Arm Farmers Carry


4 Stations, 3:00 each, 1:00 rest between

St 1:

-1:00 GHD Hip Extension Hold

-Max Calorie Bike or Row

St 2:

-1:00 L-Sit

-Max Calorie Bike or Row

St 3:

-1:00 Copenhagen Plank, left

-Max Calorie Bike or Row

St 4:

-1:00 Copenhagen Plank, right

-Max Calorie Bike or Row

Rest 3:00, then repeat. If you did Bike then you will Row or vise versa


8:00 to find:

Set 1:

-Max Single Arm DB High Pull, left

Set 2:

-Max Single Arm DB High Pull, left

8:00 to find:

Set 1:

-Max Single Arm DB Shoulder Press, left

Set 2:

-Max Single Arm DB Shoulder Press, right

Every 3:30 for 3 Sets (10:30):

-8-12/8-12 Half Kneeling Press

-15-20 Front Plate Raises

Every 3:30 for 3 Sets (10:30):

-15 Side Plank Banded Rows, left side

-15 Side Plank Dips, left side

-15 Side Plank Banded Rows, right side

-15 Side Plank Dips, right side


Every 4:00 for 4 Sets (16:00):

-5 Deadlifts

-7/7 Bulgarian Split Squats

For Time:


-Power Cleans

-Box Jump Overs


Every 3:30 for 4 Sets (14:00):

-5/5 Front Rack Stepups

-10-15 Bent Over Rows

6 Rounds For Time:

-250m Row

-50 Double Unders

Rounds 1-3:

-10 Shoulder Press, 0:03 lower

Rounds 4-6:

-15 Shoulder Press, 0:03 lower


15:00 For Max Reps:

-15 Toes to Bar while partner does a Dead Hang, then switch

-12 Bench Press while partner does Low Plank, then switch

-9 Deadlifts while partner holds Double DB/KB Farmers hold, then switch

About to be good friends with DBs this program cycle

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