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Week of December 3rd


We love this time of year around here at Swink. This bring us to our annual Christmas party and the ugly sweaters are the best part!

Don’t forget, this Saturday at 7pm we will be at the gym for our annual Christmas party. It is a potluck, a gift exchange with a $30 limit, awards will be given and GAMES WILL BE PLAYED!! Don’t miss this fun.

Also, we really hope you all are giving your all to try and get to 100,000 meters before Christmas. Don’t give up easy, work hard towards that goal.


For Time (25:00 cap):

-50/40 Calorie Row

-75 Double Unders

-150 Walking Lunges

-75 Double Unders

-50 Bar Facing Burpees

-75 Double Unders


For Time (15:00 limit for both parts):


-30 Clean and Jerks, RX (135/95)

With remaining time of 15:00,

-Find heavy 2 rep on Power Clean and Jerk


5 Rounds For Time (15:00 cap):

-200m Run

-15 Toes 2 Bar

-15 OHS, RX (115/75)

Thursday Open Gym workout option

Every 1:30 for 20 sets:

– 2 Back Squats

Guys start at 185 and girls at 135 or a modification of those weights. Add 10lbs every round until you reach failure and then work your way back down


For Max Reps:

-Tabata Push Jerks, RX (95/65)

Rest 3:00

-Tabata Chest 2 Bar Pullups

Rest 3:00

-Tabata Pushups

Rest 3:00

-Tabata Hang Power Snatch, RX (95/65)


5 sets of 2:00 on, 2:00 off

1 partner works for 2:00 while the other rests for 2:00

-15/12 Calorie Row

-Max Reps of double KB/DB Front Squats, RX (50/35)

Throwback to the first ever ugly sweater winners!

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