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Week of December 31st

Hey everyone, sorry for the late post. As some of you know, Betsy and I are in Colorado for the week on vacation and the time change (which isn’t much, I know) and it being my birthday, I got a little behind on the posts.

Also, today and tomorrow are just a slightly modified schedule because of New Year’s Eve and Day.


No 5:30 or 6:30pm classes

Tomorrow, New Year’s Day, we will be doing one class, at 12:30.

Thanks for understanding!


For Time (21:00 cap):

-50 Strict Pullups

-100 Pushups

-200 Walking Lunges


For Time:

-2000m Row

-19 Front Squats, RX (205/135)


20:00 AMRAP

-3 Wall Walks

-15 Toes 2 Bar

-200m Run with a MedBall

-25 Russian KB Swings, RX (53/35)

-50 Double Unders

Thursday Open Gym workout option


Every 4:00 for 5 sets

-4 Hang Power Cleans, attempt a 4 Rep Max, no dropping the bar between reps


7:00 For Max Reps:

-Burpees to a 6″ target above highest reach



For Time with a partner:


-1000 Box Step Ups, RX (20″)

*Use 45/25lbs if possible

*Plan to work the entire time with your partner. If not done by the time the class is over, that’s ok, you are free to finish early or stay and finish it out if you’re close to being done.

Its pretty out here!

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