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Week of August 20th

Well, Saturday we attempted a full marathon row and most of us got through half of it because of time but we did have a group of ladies finish the whole thing! It’s awesome to see you guys do things that seem almost impossible and you get it done anyway!

As for this week, no more Games workouts, back to the normal grind.

Swink Fundamentals


4 Rounds For Time (27:00 cutoff)

-400m Run

-15 Front Squats, RX (135/95)

-500m Row

-15 Push Jerks, RX (135/95)


For Time (15:00 cutoff)

-20 Pullups

-30 OHS, RX (115/75)

-20 Pullups

-20 OHS, RX (145/100)

-20 Pullups

-10 OHS, RX (175/125)


6:00 AMRAP:

-2 Deficit HSPU, RX (6″/4″)

-4 Hang Power Cleans, RX (225/155)

Rest 3:00

6:00 AMRAP:

-10 HSPU

-10 Hang Power Cleans, RX (135/95)

Thursday Open Gym workout

5 Rounds Not For Time

-6 Back Squats

-6 Box Jumps, RX (36/30)

-100 Sled Pull

-200m Row


3 Rounds For Time (12:00)

-10 Power Snatch, RX (135/95)

-75 Double Unders

2:00 rest between rounds


4 Rounds each with a partner:

-50ft double KB Front Rack Lunges, RX (53/35)

-50ft walking lunge

-400m Run

Lets get some weight and throw it around this week, what-do-ya say!?

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