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Week of August 19th

Happy back to school week everyone!!

This summer has been a fun one…AND A HOT ONE! However, we hope the school schedules bring back some normalcy to you guys and see more of you.

Consistency is always key in progress and we would love you all to have the success you want. With the new school year, we challenge you to make your health and fitness a priority and let’s have some fun doing it!


For Time:

9-7-5 (10:00 cap)

-Squat Cleans, RX (185/125)

-Ring Muscle Ups

At the 12:00, For Time:

21-15-9 (10:00 cap)

-Squat Cleans, RX (115/75)

-Chest 2 Bar pullups


Every 5:00 for 5 sets:

-20 Push Press, RX (95/65)

-400m Run -OR- 500/400m Row



Every 4:00 for 3 sets:

-10 Back Squats, try to use heavier weights than 8-13-19

For Time:

-90 Single Unders

-30 AbMat Situps

-90 Single Unders

-45 Single leg box step ups, RX (20/16)

Thursday Open Gym

5 Rounds For Max Reps:

-1:30 DB Burpee Deadlifts, RX (50/35)

-1:30 Calorie Row

-3:00 rest



Every 3:00 for 4 sets:

-8 DB Z-Press

-10 Strict Pullups

12:00 AMRAP:

-15 Deficit Pushups, RX (3″/2″)

-15 Bent Over Rows, RX (135/95)

-100ft Farmers Carry, tough weight


7 Rounds each, teams of 3:

-0:30 Jumping Air Squats

-0:30 Calorie Row or Bike

This begins TOMORROW. If you know of anyone who would he interested, definitely send them our way or tell them to contact us!

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