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Week of August 13th

What a week of rain, rain and more rain! Hope you all had a safe weekend with all of that rain and are ready to get back to some good ol’ fashioned training!

This week is a special week, a pretty cool week actually. We’re doing some of the workouts from this year’s CrossFit Games. No, you don’t have to do the same weights or some of the reps they did, but yes, we get to see what some of those workouts we’re like!

Also, hope you all enjoyed our Member of the Month workout this past Friday but now it’s time for a new Member of the Month. Be on the lookout for this months member write up, it’ll be posted tomorrow!

Finally, we have a unique workout this Saturday. More on the logistical side of that later on this week, but, ask away when you see us in the gym on how we’ll get Saturday’s workout done.

Swink Fundamentals



For Time:

5-8-13 reps of

-Parallette HSPU

-Deadlifts, HEAVY!

Then, lunge 89ft with 2 KB overhead


“Complex Fran”

For Time (10:00 cutoff):

-7 Bar Muscle Ups

-7 C2B Pullups

-7 Pullups

-21 Thrusters, RX (95/65)

-5 Bar Muscle Ups

-5 C2B Pullups

-5 Pullups

-15 Thrusters

-3 Bar Muscle Ups

-3 C2B Pullups

-3 Pullups

-9 Thrusters


“Two Stroke Pull”

5 Rounds For Time:

-300m Run

-20/15 Calorie Bike/Row

-44ft Sled Drag

Thursday Open Gym workout option

Find 1RM in 4:00 on Back Squat, then,

For Time:

-15 Back Squats, RX (275/185)

-30 Box Jump Overs, RX (30/24)


“Bicouplet 2”

For Time (6:00 time cap)


-Snatches, RX (135/95)

-Bar Muscle Ups

1:00 transition

“Bicouplet 1”

For Time (6:00 time cap)


-Snatches, RX (85/55)

-C2B Pullups


Partner Marathon Row…. potentially. More on this later in the week so no sweat about it now!

Trevor and I at our Level 2 training this weekend….and our goofball coaches!

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