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Week of August 12th

Hope you all are ready to get back to some awesome gym time this week. A quick logistics thing for this Friday:

-we are running and it would be great if you guys had either a watch to track your time &/or distance or use your smart phone for this function. Of course, if you cannot run or if it’s too hot for you, we will gladly have you Row or Bike. It’s a great, longer aerobic day and we would love you all to be there, it doesnt matter to us if you Run, Bike or Row…just be there.


EMOTM for 10:00

-3 Hang Power Snatch, focus is technique and speed

EMOTM for 12:00

Odd: 15 Burpees

Even: 15 Box Jumps, RX (24/20)

*if possible, try to add 1 rep to each movement after each round


Every 4:00 for 4 sets:

-10 Back Squats, start at about 60-65%, can build to a near 10 rep max

3 Rounds of:

Min 1: 10 DB Front Squats, challenging load

Min 2: rest

Min 3: 100ft sled/box push, challenging load

Min 4: rest


3 Rounds For Time:

-10 Clean and Jerks, RX (135/95)

-75 Double Unders

Thursday Open Gym

Every 3:00 for 5 sets:

-8 DB Z-Press

-8 Strict Pullups

*use a challenging weight for Z-Press and add weight if possible on the Strict Pullups but keep the reps unbroken

12:00 AMRAP:

-0:45 Overhead hold with a barbell (can be weighted)

-100ft Double KB front rack Lunges, challenging weight

-15 Toes 2 Rings


2 Rounds For Distance:

-5:00 Run, 1:00 rest

-4:00 Run, 0:45 rest

-3:00 Run, 0:30 rest

-2:00 Run, 0:15 rest

-1:00 Run, 5:00 rest

(During the 5:00 rest, perform 2:00 of slow and controlled air squats)

*if possible, bring a watch or use a smart phone for timing and distance purposes.


In teams of 3, complete:

-12 Rope Climbs, accumulated

-36 Sychronized Thrusters, RX (75/55), 2 people work at a time

-9 Rope Climbs

-27 Synchronized Thrusters

-6 Rope Climbs

-18 Synchronized Thrusters

If you havent heard, now you know!!! Ask Coach Betsy about this or even send her a message for more info.

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