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Week of April 29th

Week 2 of Murph prep everyone and we are excited to get you all prepared for Murph on this coming Memorial Day.

Having said that, we’re getting into the hotter months which means hydration is more important than ever. With most people spending more and more time outside, its important that you all drink enough water. Try taking the same cup with you daily versus getting water bottles or cups here and there.

Let’s get to some training!


5 Rounds For Weight!:

-90 Single Unders

-30 Double Unders

-3 Squat Cleans


Every 3:00 for 5 sets:

-10 DB Bench Press

-10 Ring Rows

Murph Prep Week 2:

EMOTM for 6:00 For Quality

-5 Pullups

-10 Pushups

-15 Squats

after the 6th round, do a 400m Run


2 Rounds For Time:

-25 Box Jumps, RX (30/24)

-50 AbMat Situps

-800m Run

Thursday Open Gym



-Deadlifts, RX (225/155)



Pullup Strength work

10:00 AMRAP

-14/10 Calorie Row

-7 Front Squats, RX (135/95)


For Time with a partner:

-100 Push Jerks, RX (185/125)

Every time the bar is put down or you switch partners, each person does 12 jumping lunges

This begins TODAY. If you know someone who would be interested, send them our way so they dont miss out on the start of class.

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