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Week of April 15th

Guys, on to a new week and we hope you all are taking part of the April & May challenge to get out and run more! Remember, you add all the running you’ve done (outside of the workouts) to get a total. At the end of the week, whatever that number is, will now be your new goal to beat for the next week. You’ll continue that each week until the end of May.

Also, we’re going to be trying something new with the mental side of things. We will be doing a new focus weekly, something for you guys to think about. They’ll be posted on the whiteboard for you all to read and then to apply it to your own life!


Every 1:30 for 8 sets:

-3 Position Power Snatch

For Time:


-Power Snatch, RX (95/65)



Every 4:00 for 5 sets:

-Back Squats, 10-8-6-4-2


3 Rounds For Time:

-200m Run*

-20 Power Cleans, RX (95/65)

-200m Run

-20 Front Squats

-200m Run

-20 Push Press

*200m Run is with a 20/14lb MedBall

Thursday Open Gym

Each For Time:

-3×1000m Rows, rest as needed between each

*these are sprints!


3 Rounds For Time:

-25 Pullups

-75 Box stepups, RX (20″/16″)

At 17:00, start part 2

2 Rounds For Time:

-25 DB Push Jerks, RX (50/35)

-75 Double Unders


8 Rounds For Time with a partner:

-10 Deadlifts, heavy!

-100ft Box Push

Get outside everyone, use that fitness you have!

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