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Week of Apr. 30th

We hope you all had a great test week and are excited to improve in those areas over the next 10-12 weeks. This is going to be fun!

We will be doing some new things with our training and we do hope you all like it. Also, don’t forget these things:

(1) Don’t forget to get your sizes down for the shirts and jacket as we are sending those in this week. We are also getting samples of the jackets in for those wanting to try on different sizes.

(2) Come join us at the Ranger game on June 16th! You gotta let us know if you’ll be joining us by signing up on the board. We always have a great time so clear your schedule.

(3) This Wednesday evening we will have Ascent Protein in the building for you all to be able to sample their great/clean products and their NEW Pre Workout that is being released May 1st. Make sure to try it out and ask them any questions you may have.

Swink Sweat


Old Fashioned Ab-Day


“Dirty 30”

For Time:

-30 Box Jumps

-30 Jumping Pull Ups

-30 KB Swings

-30 Lunges

-30 Push Press

-30 Good Mornings

-30 Wall Balls

-30 Burpees

-30 Double Unders*


W/a Partner, For Time:

-P1 800m Run/P2 1600m Bike

– 100 Jumping Jacks (each)

-50 Push Ups (split)

-P1 800m Bike/P2 400m Run

-100 Jumping Jacks (each)

-50 Air Squats (split)

-P1 200m Run/P2 400m Bike

-100 Jumping Jacks (each)

-50 Pull Ups (split)

Swink Fundamentals





-4×3 OHS, build to a tough 3 if technique allows

For Time (7:00 cutoff):

-100 OHS, RX (95/65) Scaled (75/55)



-Power Cleans

6 Rounds For Time (27:00 cutoff):

-200m Run

-15 Burpees

-200m Run

-10 Power Cleans, RX (135/95)

*There are many modifications for this workout, so we have you covered!



-Bench Press


-3×3 Bench Press, last set should be close to, if not, a 3 Rep Max

3 Rounds For Max Reps:

-1:00 Max Calorie Row

-1:00 Double Unders

-1:00 Strict Pullups

-1:00 Rest


There will be a workout posted for those who make it in….it includes a rope climb!



-3×7 Back Squats, build up and last set should be a 7 Rep Max

For Time (10:00 cutoff):


-KB Swings, American, RX (70/53)

-Box Jump Overs, RX (24/20)



-DB Push Jerks

For Time w/ a partner (25:00 cutoff):

-60 DB Push Jerks while partner holds a handstand

-60 Calore Row

-60 Synchro DB Facing Burpees

-600m Run together

Our athletes Jana and Dustin got hitched this past Saturday! Let’s all wish them a happy marriage and a safe honeymoon!

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