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Week of Apr. 16th

Last week we mentioned we would be posting all of the workouts in one post for the week as opposed to each night. This saves some time and it allows you all to see what’s coming up in the week. We’re going to try for a week and let us know your thoughts. Don’t be cherry picking workout now or we can go to not posting at all!

Remember everyone, this week is CLEAN OUT YOUR BASKET WEEK! We also have NO class this Saturday as we are running the 5K in town. Please, if you can, come join us.

Swink Sweat


20:00 AMRAP

-20 WallBalls

-20 Box Jumps

-200m Run

Rest 1:00 between rounds



-5×10 Strict Pullups

-5×200ft Farmers Carry

Every 2:00 for 5 Rounds

-50 Mountain Climbers each leg

-10-20 Pushups


6 Rounds with a partner:

-20 Double Unders each

-400m WallBall Carry with partner

-100ft OH Lunge, each person

Swink Fundamentals


For Time:

-1000m Row

-100 Double Unders (RX), 50 Double Unders &/or attempts (scaled)

-50 Push Press, RX (95/65) Scaled (75/55)

-100 Double Unders (RX), 50 Double Unders &/or attempts (scaled)


Part 1:

Every 1:30 for 7 Rounds,

-3 Position Snatch

Part 2:

For Time,

-30 Squat Snatches, RX (135/95) Scaled (95-125/65-85)


Every 3:00 for 5 Rounds:

-10 Hang Power Cleans, RX (165/115) Scaled (115-135/75-95)

-200m Run


If you come to open gym, there will be a workout posted containing back squats.


7 Rounds For Time:

-15 Box Jumps

-10 Toes 2 Bar

-5 Push Jerks, RX (155/105) Scaled (3 Push Jerks or 5 Push Jerks at 105/75)


-5K in town…come join us and represent Swink!

As always there will accessory or cool downs with each day and of course plenty of skill work so don’t you worry.

We fitna jump rope!

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