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Week of 19.1!!!!

Guys, the Open is HERE! The first week of the 2019 Open begins on Thursday at 7pm. Class on Friday will be as normal EXCEPT the evening classes. Starting at 3:30, we will be running people through the first workout.

Every class will do 19.1. Everyone also will need a judge while doing the workout. Any and all help we can get at any of the classes and that evening with judging would be GREATLY appreciated!

Finally, we are watching the Open announcement at the gym Thursday evening at 7pm if anyone would like to join us.

Last order of business is that the rig is OFF LIMITS for the next couple of days until otherwise told. So no squats, no pullups, no ring dips, etc….we rearranged and the rig is not secured yet. It’s for your safety!!!!



Every 2:00 for 7 sets:

-2 Power Cleans

10:00 AMRAP

-20 Alternating DB Snatches, RX (50/35)

-10 Burpee Box Jump Overs, RX (24/20)


3 Rounds For Time:

-15 OHS, RX (125/85)

-15/12 Calorie Row


7:00 AMRAP

-10 Thrusters, RX (95/65)

-35 Double Unders

Thursday Open Gym workout option

5 Rounds of:

-12 Strict Pullups

-12 Renegade Rows, RX (50/35)

-200m Run


19.1….so we’re not sure what this will be


TBA… potentially redos of 19.1 or people doing 19.1 or if all goes well, we will do a 3-4 person team workout

Hoodies are in stock!

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