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Wednesday 9-7-16

Well, the first set of 4 workouts for the Team Series have been released. If you’re on a team, please check the group chat on facebook to see the updates.

Also, we plan on even a few teams doing the 3rd and 4th workouts on Friday evening, followed by chill/hang out time. We’d love to have you all out to support and cheer on the teams. We plan on starting around 4:30/5:30 that evening.

Be sure to check out our post before this for our Member of the Month for September….she’s a keeper!

Swink Sweat

13:00 AMRAP

-200m Run

-20 Air or Goblet Squats

-10 DB Swings

Tabata Russian Twists

Tabata Flutter Kicks

Swink Fundamentals

-Glute Strength


12:00 EMOTM

(1-4) 3 Front Squats @75%

(5-8) 2 Front Squats @85%

(9-12) 1 Front Squat @90-95%

3 Rounds For Time:

-400m Run

-12 Hang Power Cleans RX (95/65) RX+(135/95)

-12 Box Jumps


-4×Max Hold L-Sit

Throwback Team Series pic from last year….goofballs

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