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Wednesday 9-27-17

Week 2 of the Team Series begins tonight at 7pm. We find out what the workouts are, maybe 3, maybe 4. We do know a bit of the 7th event meaning there will be for sure 3 workouts. It includes:


-Double Unders, again

-and a Max Lift of a movement we don’t know for sure and a rep scheme we don’t know for sure

We’ll know soon enough…

Swink Sweat

-Tabata Row

10:00 AMRAP

-8 DB Cleans

-6 DB OH Press

-4 Pushups with a Row

-Tabata Row

Swink Fundamentals

-Gonna give the legs some love….


….just to upset them again

-Sprints on the bike

3 Sets of:

-1:00 Row for Max Calories

-1:00 Max Ring Muscle Ups

-1:00 rest


-make up any accessory or core you’ve missed this week

Nothing is out of reach (inspirational quote to go with the picture, it seemed appropriate)

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