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Wednesday 9-13-17

Starting the week had some great workouts and now it’s time to hit midweek with some more work. Hope you guys are all getting signed up for the Team Series, it begins next week!

Swink Sweat

14:00 AMRAP

-7 Pushups

-7 Calorie Row

-14 WallBalls


-Accumulate a 3:00 L-sit

Swink Fundamentals

-more Shoulder Mobility!


-find tough 3 Rep Power Snatch, must be touch and go


-Bar Muscle Ups

6:00 AMRAP

-3 Bar Muscle Ups

-9 Power Snatches, RX (95/65)


-Accumulate a 3:00 weighted Plank

Hope you guys are excited about these. If you’re not sure just what they are, check out their social media pages to see.

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