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Wednesday 8-7-13

Today is going to be a challenge of a lot of levels. When the CrossFit Open began earlier this year, we all wondered what the first workout was going to be!  Would it be burpees?!  Rowing?!  Box Jumps?!  It was burpees!!…and snatches!  Most of us had 1 rep maxes of the weight that was being used. But not anymore!  So, retest time…sort of.

Swink Performance & Fundamentals -Shoulder Mobility/strentgh

-Snatch technique

10:00 AMRAP -40 Burpees -30 Snatches P: (75/45) F: (55/35) -30 Burpees -As many Snatches with remaining time P: (135/75) F: (95/55)


Its always good to have your friends there to support you during a workout…or to photo bomb!  Jess doing her ring rows (keeping a solid midline as well!) while Erin and Coach Betsy pull a fast one!

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