• Betsy

Wednesday 8-24-16

Hey everyone, remember we have an on-site massage therapist that can truly help work out some sore areas, stiff areas, etc etc. This really helps when it comes to recovery and using all avenues for recovery. Here’s her contact:

Laura Birdwell – 972 834 4392

Give her a shout to schedule your appointment!

Also, our buddy over at the apparel company I Am Beastmode (IAB) is having a huge summer sale. He’s not posting anything about it yet, but letting us all have first dibs on the goods. Head over to his site,, and get you some goods.

And on to today:

Swink Sweat

3 Rounds, rest as needed

-400m Run

-10 Front Rack Lunges RX: (95/65)

-10 Box Jumps

Swink Fundamentals

-Ankle/Hip Mobility

-Shoulder Strength


-8:00 to find 1RM Strict Press

3×4:00 Rounds with 2:00 rest

-400m RUN

-10 Burpee Hurdle Jumps

-Max full body crunches

When you’re so tired you bust out of your shoes!

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