• Betsy

Wednesday 8-2-17

One more day until day 1 of the CrossFit Games. We know the first 2 events for the individuals.

Event 1 is:

-1.5 Mile Run

-500m Swim

-1.5 Mile Run

Event 2 is:

-3 Laps around a custom made cyclocross course. This one should be pretty interesting and the event demo is up on YouTube, go check it out!

Swink Sweat

EMOTM for 8:00

-12 Seated DB Press

8×30sec on, 30sec off

-Wall Sits

10:00 AMRAP

-15 WallBalls

-5 Burpees

Swink Fundamentals

-Shoulder Mobility

Strength (1 set every 1:30):

-5-7×1 Power Snatch +2 OHS, starting at 70% of Power Snatch

-4×5 Dips/Ring Dips/Weighted Ring Dips

For Time (15:00 cutoff):

-500/450m Row

-10 DB Thrusters

-20 Toes 2 Bar

-10 Bar Muscle Ups

-20 Toes 2 Bar

-10 DB Thrusters

-500m Row


-3×30 Parallel GHD Holds, weighed if possible

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