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Wednesday 8-12-15

Sorry again for the late post. Betsy and Meg needed a ride to the hotel by the airport as they will be gone until next Wednesday. They’re on a girls vacation with their mom and friends.

Hope everyone is still eating their veggies. It’s something you have to prep and have some trial and error with. Search out recipes and try new types of vegetables. The benefit comes from the variety.

Swink Sweat 5×3:00 rounds with 1:00 rest between: -250 m row With remaining time, AMRAP: Round 1 – MedBall Slams Round 2 – DB Swings Round 3 – V-Ups Round 4 – Lunges Round 5 – MedBall Russian Twist

Swink Fundamentals -Hip Mobility -Glute Strength

Skill: -Back Squat

Strength: -3×3 Back Squats @90% of Monday’s weight

10-8-6-4-2 -Ring Rows (tough) -Burpees -Plate Overhead Lunges

Core: -3×1:00 Planks (weighted if needed)

Swink Performance -Hip Mobility -Glute Strength

Strength: -3×5 Back Squats @90% of Monday’s weight

-3×6-10 Muscle Up Transitions, strict

For Time: -30 Push Jerks -30 Power Cleans

Core: -3×1:00 Planks (weighted if needed)

This pick comes from Stina (our member of the month.) She uses spinach in her morning smoothie to get her veggies.

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