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Wednesday 7-3-13

Alright folks, the holiday is upon us and we have a bit of a schedule change for Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday: all classes expect 7:30pm. There is a firework show in Midlothian tomorrow night we would love to go watch, so we are headed up to do that. Thursday: We will have one class in the morning at 7:30am. There is a parade in town at 10am that I know some people will want to go to, including us. Thank you all for understanding and we hope you have a safe a fun holiday!  Normal hours for the rest of the week.

Swink Fundamentals For time: -60 Situps -40 Squats -20 Pushups -20 Pullups -40 Box Jumps -60 Knee Raises

Swink Performance -Front Squat @75% 5×4 -Snatch Pull @85% 4×3 -Jerk @70% 2×3, @75% 2×2, @80% 2×2

3 Rounds for time: -15 Pullups -20 Shoulder to Overhead (75/45)

A great story!  The most important part there is how a diet can truly affect your life.

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