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Wednesday 7-29-15

Test day 2 is today. Sweat class had a bit of a mix up Monday evening but no worries, it’ll work itself out no doubt.

Now, as we all embark on this nutrition challenge, we want you to all be as educated as possible. That also means that you will need to ask for help when you need, ask for info when you don’t know and keep a conversation going with these topics with your coach or fellow gym mates! However, this also means you being vulnerable. Asking for help isn’t easy, especially if you don’t like to be “wrong.” But trust us, being vulnerable is a sign you want to change, that you’re willing to change and that it will happen easier now that your open to taking on help.

A tip we’d like to give you today as you focus on what your eating this week, is see how many actual vegetables are apart of your diet. Probably the food item that people leave out the most is vegetables or not enough. So, take note if you’re having them, how many you’re having and even as far as what kind (ex: broccoli, squash, spinach, etc.). The more you track/write down what you’re eating and drinking, the better a coach can help you identify areas or gaps where you can improve.

Swink Sweat -Skills for the “Chipper”

Test #2 For Time (20:00 cutoff) -100/50 Jump Ropes -90/45 Situps -80/40 Air Squats -70/35 Mt. Climbers -60/30 WallBalls -50/25 Pushups -40/20 Box Jumps -30/15 DB Swings -20/10 MedBall Slams -10/5 Burpees

Swink Fundamentals & Performance -Glute Strength

Skill (Fundamentals): -Rowing

Strength (Performance): -4×2 Front Squats @75% -4×6 DB Push Press (tough)

Test #2 1 Mile Row Sprint For Time: -10×150m Row Sprints, 1:00 rest between each

Core: -3×15/side Anti-Rotation Presses (same as Monday)


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