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Wednesday 7-24-13

Tomorrow is a hard day at work again and we want everyone to come prepared!

Swink Fundamentals We test and have retested this workout a few times before so make sure you all track it!

Skill: Clean & Jerk

20:00 AMRAP -2000m Row -Ground 2 Overhead with remaining time (95/65)

Swink Performance Today is all lifts, so a couple options for after your lifts: (1) go for a run and keep a tough pace!  (2) work on a weakness like mobility or handstands

We will be doing the Fundamentals workout of today on Thursday, just a heads up.

-Front Squat @ 80% 5×3 -Snatch Pull @95% 3×2 -Jerk, max for the day, 90% of that for 3×1

Spend some time here doing the 2 options above…I’d love for you to do both if you can!


We are doing a member appreciation in August so we are getting these shirts for every member of the gym, even people who join on August 1st!  So tell all your friends because this won’t be a shirt just lying around to buy, you have to be in the gym and pre-oder!  Second, you can order one for family and what not and it’s only $15/shirt. So, if the kiddos want one, make sure we know so we can order them one. All we ask is an extra $5 for your monthly fees and the shirt is yours. If you choose not to spend the extra $5 that is fine, we understand!  We need sizes by next Friday of all members and family who want a shirt!

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