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Wednesday 7-22-15

Games Week Day #2!

Individuals begin the day today with a beach swim & paddle, so tune in on to watch live!

Also, 5:30am today and beginning next week on Monday and Friday as well. This class will be a Fundamentals class, so our new members are also able to come to this class!

Remember, next week we begin a new round of challenges on Monday the 27th. To fill you in a bit on some reasons why we like the Paleo Diet, click the link and watch this short video. LINK!

Swink Sweat 5 Rounds with 24:00 cutoff -21 Calorie Row -15 AbMat Situps with weight behind the head -9 Pushups

Swink Fundamentals -Shoulder Strength

Skill/Strength: -Handstands -Wall Walks

3 Rounds of: -5 Wall Walks -10 Hanging Knee Raises -15 Air Squats

Core: -3×15-20 Hip Extensions

Swink Performance -Shoulder Strength

Strength/Skill: -3×Max Strict HSPU -3×30ft “Handstand/Bear Walk”

2 Rounds of: -1:00 Max Power Snatch (75/55) -1:00 Max Thrusters -1:00 Max Power Cleans -1:00 Rest *Score is total reps across 2 Rounds

Core: -3×15-20 Hip Extensions


This is how we used to rock it at the old spot!

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