• Betsy

Wednesday 7-19-17

A good couple of days of training under our belt, time for a 3rd.

Swink Sweat

Every 3:00 OTM for 3 Rounds

-30 Weighted Lunges

-AbMat Situps with remaining time

Rest 3:00

Every 3:00 OTM for 3 Rounds

-30 Plank Steps

-Burpees with remaining time

Swink Fundamentals

-Shoulder Strength


-Band/Strict Seated Muscle Ups

EMOTM for 6:00

-3-5 Band/Strict Seated Muscle Ups

5 Rounds, rest 1:30

-10 Calorie Bike Sprint

-10 Pullups, RX+(C2B)


-Accumulate a 3:00 plank, on elbows, weighted if possible

So true….

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