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Wednesday 7-17-13

We’re so excited about Friday and the awesome benefit that having a partner do the workout with you will bring!  Hope you all are as excited as we are!

Swink Fundamentals Today is going to be a challenge and we are expecting it to be…be ready to work!

20:00 AMRAP -500m Row -20 Push Press -10 Front Squats

Swink Performance -Jerk, max for the day (5 attempts max, your current jerk max is the 1st of 5 attempts); 85% of that 2×2 -Snatch Pull @90% 3×3 -Front Squat @78% 5×3

With the remaining time of class, we want you to use it for recovery, as in foam roll/lacrosse ball/band stretching! Also, an option after recovery, go for a run to the stop sign and back!

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