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Wednesday 7-15-15

“Burner” time for Fundamentals & Performance. Make sure you HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE!!!!!

Also, we have a class today for Fundamentals & Performance at 5:30am for those wanting to get the workout in early.

Finally, the Raising the Bar competition on August 22nd in Burleson is coming quick. It’s a partner workout, same gender and 2 divisions, RX and Scaled. If you’d like to do the competition, please talk to a coach and they can show you where to go to sign up you and your partner. We had a great group go last year and would love an even bigger group to go this year.

Swink Sweat 3 stations, each 2:00 with :30 sec to rest between stations.

Station 1: AMRAP of -10 Jump Rope -5 Burpee

Station 2: -Max Calories

Station 3: AMRAP of -10 V-Ups -5 MedBall Slams

Rest 2:00, then, repeat 2 more rounds.

Swink Fundamentals & Performance -Shoulder Strength -Hip Mobility

Skill: -Double Unders

“Burner” (retest) For Time: -50 WallBalls -1 Mile Run (old mile) -50 Double Unders -1 Mile Run -50 Burpees


WallBalls….they’re not THAT bad….right?!

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