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Wednesday 7-13-16

As the week comes closer to an end, we get closer to watching the CROSSFIT GAMES! Remember you can watch these at or go to their YouTube page and watch from there.

Also, this month we are planning another get together and Laura (Van Winkle-Preston) has invited us to her place. We are planning for the last Saturday of the month, July 30th. More updates on that later.

Swink Intro

-Shoulder Strength


-Rings/Ring Dips

-GHD Situps

3 Rounds of:

-10 Ring Dips

-12 GHD Situps

-200m Run

Swink Sweat

Build to a heavy Front Squat

16:00 AMRAP

-12 Front Squats (65-70%)

-12 Burpees

Rest 45 sec

Swink Fundamentals

-Shoulder Strength

-Glute Strength


-Squat Clean

12:00 EMOTM

-3 Handstand Pushups RX (3 Strict)

-1 Squat Clean (85%, give or take!)


-3×10 Supermans+Max Hold



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