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Wednesday 7-10-13

Motivation is something that comes and goes and we’ve heard about not having any more times than you imagine. We want everyone to think about why they are with us, doing CrossFit. Is it your kids?  Is it to compete?  Is it to just get in the best shape you’ve ever been in?  Whatever the reason, you have to remind yourself from time to time, when motivation is low, why you’re getting up at 5:30am or why you put yourself through grueling workouts! Having said that, on Wednesday, today,in your notebook (or wherever you keep your workouts) write a goal you wish to obtain by the end of this month. It could be your first pullup, run a 5K, lift your body weight in a deadlift, ANYTHING!!  Have something that is going to cause you to focus your training and go beast mode in the gym!  See all you athletes in the a.m.!

Swink Fundamentals 3×5 Deadlifts

-Tabata Row-Max Calories -Tabata Burpees-Max Reps -Tabata Row-Max Calories (if time allows)

Swink Performance -Front Squat @75% 5×3 -Snatch Pull @85% 3×3 -Jerk, Max for the day**, 90% of that for 1 rep, 80% for 2×2

3 Rounds for time (if time allows) -10 Burpee Box Jump over -10 Push Press @50% body weight

**To find your Jerk max, we could use all day, so we are setting a limit on how many attempts you get. You can try between 5 lifts towards a max. There is no need to get greedy and failed lifts count towards your 5 attempts.


Order form is ready for new orders!!  If you want a custom jump rope, fill this bad boy out at the gym and we will only take cash or card for this!  Those who already have one, dont ya need another to match that other outfit?!!  😉

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