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Wednesday 7-1-15

Happy July everyone!

Anybody been talking to those friends and family seeing if they’ll get in to the gym this month and sign up?!  Remember, all it takes is 2 people that were referred by you to get yourself a free month.

Now, Friday is a day some, not all, have off from work. We realize this and also know that Midlothian is doing a firework show that evening. So, we will do a 9am Mix (Fund and Perf), a 12pm Sweat class and then finally a 4:30pm Mix Class. This hopefully gives everyone an opportunity to get a workout in before the weekend. If this does not work for you and your only option is a later class, please let us know when you see us next at the gym.

Also, Saturday morning workout is still on, 9:45am. Because it is a holiday, please bring any and all friends out for a good partner, hero workout!

Swink Sweat 5 Rounds of each movement, :30 seconds on, :30 seconds off Movement 1: -Jump Rope (Single or Double Unders) Movement 2: -Squat Jumps Movement 3: -AbMat Situps Movement 4: -Ski Jumps

*Each movement will have 5 Rounds of work.

Swink Fundamentals -Shoulder Strength

Skill: -Split Jerk

Complete the following chipper: -40 Dumbbell Swings (heavy) -30 Split Jerks (alternating) -20 WallBalls -10 Power Cleans

Core: -3×12/side Anti Rotation Press

Swink Performance -Shoulder Strength

Strength: 5, 3, 1, 1, 1 -Strict Press

-Build to a heavy Split Jerk -1×2 @80% -2×2 @70%

-3×10 Muscle Up transition technique

Core: -3×12/side Anti Rotation Press


The Sweat class has really been getting after it these past few weeks, congrats everyone!

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